Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back to reality. I prefer the other place..

Here I am! And check out that hair do! I've wanted to get my hair done for ever all vintage-esque, and so last week, whilst sat in a dusty field with lots of green stuff, 3 of us girlies took the plunge and let the vintage ladies loose on our extremely tangled locks.
Many Kirby grips, enough hairspray to freak me out around naked flames, and sleeping like a Geisha, and this up do lasted 3 whole days. Moneys worth or what!
It's good to get home and have a shower without then walking out into the dust bowl again.
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The new shopping experience

Today I went out with big sis to a near by town, and on the way home called in here.
I had seen Hintlesham Barns on FB and had been wanting to visit, so was excited to get the chance.
I'm definitely one of those people shouting about how you should support your local high street stores, stay away from the big coffee shop chains...but actually you and me both know that at 8.15 after a night shift and I'm waiting for the local high street shops to open, I'll be the one sitting in the evil coffee shop chain sipping a cuppa and munching an apricot pastry because the nice little locally owned tea room we all want to support doesn't open till 10am.
And here we have the new shopping experience. I can only imagine that the land owners decided to open up a barn and try to make something of all the outbuildings. I suppose much in the way that the local farmers in recent years have progressed from selling cabbage and leeks out of the trailer in the layby along the duel carriage way, to a whole farm shop and children's play area in order to make the farm pay it's way in these tough times.
This is what we found..
You could be forgiven for thinking, as I did that these type of shopping experiences are heavy on the purse. As I picked up the lovely bags I held my breath, but when I saw the price....well lets just say said bag is mine. There is, what they call a Preloved section. Second hand clothes to you and me. But not pretending to be 'vintage' which is refreshing.
Here, you can bring your unwanted clothes which they will put up for sale for 3 months and they take 50% of the sale price.
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know that any favourite thing of mine somehow involves tea, and this place is no exception.
The little tea room here is gorgeous.
Sadly I have no pictures, but trust me. I've been to too many  quite a few tea rooms in my time and just looking at this one, I am definitely going back there for tea and cake. Soon.
If you want to have a look at some more of the loveliness hop on over to their
PS. This is not a sponsored post, I have received no payment in tea or otherwise for telling you all about this lovely place, but I'm not proud....a slice of cake wouldn't go a miss.......

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


It's been a while, and what have I been up to?
Trips away in the home on wheels have started. My inner gypsy is being released once again for the season, there are many friends to catch up with on our travels, many nights spent wrapped up in blankets in front of the fire outside, don't we just love the British summer....
On the days spent at home, I have been trying to take notice of my little corner of the world. The beach huts are so pretty don't you think? I realised that since changing my job I don't often go and see the sea, on the occasions I do go there, I could be walking along with my eyes closed.  
There are some things in my little corner of the world that never change.
There will always be the pretty teacups to brighten up the dullest of British summer days
What have you been up to lately?

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Girl Crush

There seems to be a growing number of professional home makers out there, who spend their days baking, running a home, all the while taking photos and protesting that they are just like any of us, chasing after young children, frantically calling a plumber so their little family doesn't drown in their own home before the husband comes home demanding his perfectly cooked roast dinner.
And yet always looking so cute with the pinny on and hair in a lopsided bow.
I stumbled across this lady the other day, probably whilst blog hopping or trawling other peoples 'likes' on FB.
There's plenty of Eye Candy for you to look at, Face Book stalking to do, and dreaming of her life over at Cherry's Blog.
She's a similar model of perfectness to that of my other girl crush,
Cherry describes herself as a 'home maker that loves to communicate'. Well don't we all, dear.
I suppose the difference is, some do, and some stalk.
Do you a any girl crush?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Because we can...

It's May and we have had our wood burner lit this week. Because although the sun has shone at LAST for us the nights are still that wee bit chilly.
I'm not sure what I'll do when the weather is warm enough to never have the fire going, I've lost whole chunks of time staring at that thing this past winter (& Spring!)
I'll have to watch more TV.

Friday, 24 May 2013

A moan. (Just a little one)

I'm feeling hay fevery (word?) the last few days and just want to sit under my blanket with a cuppa (and a chocolate biscuit) Yesterday I even took to my bed and had a couple of hours nap, which I only normally do if I've worked the night before.
The weather is annoying me now. I looked out my window yesterday and it was hailing. Big proper hailstones bouncing off the neighbours roof.
The fire is still being lit on occasion. And it's May for goodness sake.
We are getting increasingly larger numbers of cold callers on the phone, wanting to know if we want home improvements, asking us to connect to the computer so they can sort out a problem (that doesn't exist) or last night asking if we were in any debt. I find it annoying and hang up. Mr D on the other hand has now turned it into his own entertainment and talks rubbish back to them to see how long they stay on the line.
Has anyone watched the documentary called Skint on channel 4? Best I don't get started on how annoying that is. I can't let Mr D see it, or he would throw something heavy through the TV.
So anyway. That's me. Time for a cuppa.

Friday, 17 May 2013

If only we had more garage space...

Once a year my little seaside town gets invaded by a whole convoy of vintage cars. Mr D and I have, in the past taken part with our vehicles, but this year we got to sit at a local pub and watch them all make their way to the prom.
The sun shone, and lots of people came out to show off their wonderful wheels.
The cars gather at a park in the next town, and travel the 10 miles to line up along our prom. Some get here quicker than others :)
And some bring friends....
This is one of the busiest days of the year for our seaside town and it's so good that the sun came out.
Not for long though, Mr D has had to fill the wood shed up again this week....